Administration Guide : More Details about Triggers and Actions : Troubleshooting Xinet Trigger Sets

Troubleshooting Xinet Trigger Sets
If your Actions are not running, there are several things that can be done to determine the source of the problem:
Make sure that dblogd is running using one of the following methods:
Unix: ps -ef | grep dblogd
OS X: ps -awux | grep dblogd
Windows: check the Task Manager for the dblogd.exe process
If the database daemon is not running, Actions will not be run. Restart dblogd using the Xinet Administration view. You’ll find this under Database, Settings, Start Daemon button. Then try the Action again.
Verify that you are making the metadata change in the active path for the Trigger Set containing the Action you want to run. Check the active path for your Trigger Set in Xinet Administration view, using Database, Trigger Sets, Summary.
Check the log file for any errors pertaining to the database, Trigger Set, or particular action. Xinet recommends using the xinet Administration view’s Logging/Trigger tab. Or, you may use your favorite text editor to view the log file which can be found in the following locations:
UNIX: /var/adm/appletalk/venture.log
Windows: Program Files\Xinet\FullPress\venture.log
Any errors in this log regarding corrupt tables, or errors from running Actions should be reported to Xinet Technical Support.
Check the trigger.log for any errors about the Action (displayed on the Logging, Triggers page). Generally, if an Action cannot run, the error will show up in this log, along with an error code. The error may look something like this:
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] About to execute [/usr/etc/webnative/actions/email/email]
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:39] *** Return: [1]
One method of troubleshooting errors is to run the Action script on the command-line. Should you discover that an Action runs properly on the command-line, but fails when run by a Xinet Trigger Rule, you should contact Xinet Technical Support for assistance.