System Requirements Guide : Supported File Formats

Supported File Formats
Xinet Client utilities and plug-ins support the following file formats.
Audio Files
The following file types can also be streamed in native format:
The following file types will also have embedded image previews extracted for display:
Interactive Files
Previews are generated for HTML files with the following file extensions, and also for rotating images on banner ads within websites:
Video File Formats
Web previews can be automatically generated for the following movie file types:
The following file types can also automatically generate streamable proxy versions:
For more information:
Computer-Aided Design (CAD) File Formats
Previews and small, streamable proxy movies are optionally generated for the following two and three-dimensional data files:
Still Image Formats
Xinet Server can directly read the following file formats and generate a web preview:
A wide range and constantly updated list of RAW camera formats
For more information:
Adobe InDesign
Web previews are generated during document saves by the following Xinet authored plug-ins.
Microsoft Office Documents
Web previews are generated for Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
Apple Keynote
Web previews are generated for Apple Keynote.