Release Notes : Release Notes Xinet 19.2.1

Release Notes Xinet 19.2.1
System Requirements
A server machine running one of the following operating systems:
In addition:
What’s New
Resolved Issues
Specific additions and bug fixes that are included in these releases are detailed below.
(*) indicates that the ticket is applicable to Xinet 19.2.1 and not to Studio 1.0.2.
Known Issues
Known issues for this release are listed below.
Workaround: Open the Administration view and save the Portal Site settings in the Portal tab.
Pilot users must re-enter the Xinet Pilot URL by typing the IP address or FQDN of the Portal server, followed by /PORTAL/pilot.
Installation Instructions
Set Up SMB File Sharing
SMB file sharing will automatically be installed with the Xinet installers for the Linux platform as long as the appropriate samba packages are installed and up to date.
Prior to installing Xinet, run:
# yum install samba
To enable SMB access:
a. Create a system user for any new users.
b. Create a Xinet user in the Admin GUI for new users. This will automatically create the SMB user and password if you already created a system user.
c. Enable the "Can access SMB Volumes" for users.
a. Create a system user for any new users. Many users may already have this access, because it was necessary for AFP access.
b. Enable the "Can access SMB Volumes" for users. This will require a password change.
Where to find Xinet Installers
Xinet installers are available online. Visit and click Partner Portal at the bottom of the page to locate the installer appropriate for your platform.
For full details on how to install the Xinet server and client, see Installing Xinet in our Xinet Administration Guide. For full details on installing the Video Module for Xinet, see Installing the Xinet Video Module in our Xinet Administration Guide.
Install Pilot on Windows
To install the updated Windows Pilot on Windows client machines:
Download the file XinetPilotInstaller.exe.
Double-click on the XinetPilotInstaller.exe.
Install Pilot on Macintosh
The Xinet Pilot application now requires OS X Yosemite (10.10) or above, including macOS Sierra (10.12).
This application, when installed, is now in the /Applications folder and is called Xinet (It used to be at /Applications/Xinet Software/Xinet The /Applications/Xinet Software folder will be removed by the Xinet 19.2 installer if it is empty.
Configure Pilot for Uploads Only (For Administrators)
See the online help section Configure Pilot for Uploads Only.
Launch Pilot for Upload-Only Users (macOS Client).
See the online help section Launch Upload-Only Pilot (macOS).