Administration Guide : Output print queues

Output print queues
Administration of Xinet print spoolers falls into two groups of activities:
Output Print Queue Administration— customizing the server so that it appropriately handles jobs directed to each printing device on the network
Input Spooler Administration—determining how the server will present print queues and hot folders to client machines which will be sending jobs to the server
The following topics provide information about setting up output print queues on the server.
provides information about testing those queues and checking on their status.
provides information about setting up administration of those queues (who has privileges to change them, how printer accounting files get archived, etc.).
provides information about setting up how the server will handle ICC profiles.
provides information about adding and naming input queues seen by clients, including hot folders.
provides information about PDF Image Replacement workflows.
Xinet can also send jobs to printers configured with the native Windows printing system. Adding Windows Printers queues [Windows systems only] provides details.
The following topics are provided in this section: