Administration Guide : Maintenance

This section covers how to get software updates, bug fixes, and additional information.
Getting software updates via the Web
You may pick up software updates via the Web at You will need your customer serial number to do so.
Xinet Tech Notes
If there is a topic not covered in this manual that you are interested in, please check current Xinet Tech Notes which can be found on the Web at:
Please note, you must have a current Maintenance Program membership to have access to Xinet Tech Notes.
Contacting Technical Support
You can contact Xinet in any of the following ways: sales information technical support
When you send us e-mail or call us, please let us know your serial number, the version of server operating system you are using, and the version of the Xinet products you are using. The version number will appear at top of the Xinet GUI when you are logged in as nativeadmin.
Contact us for more information about our Maintenance Programs.
Xinet Technical Support assigns a ticket number to every incoming issue. You will need to know the number associated with your problem before uploading files. If you do not know that number, please contact Xinet Technical Support by any of the means listed on Contacting Technical Support.