Administration Guide : Xinet Logging : Settings

Preview Daemon logging options
If you find problems with any Xinet preview creation processes, you may be able to determine what is happening by turning on debugging options and then examining the log.
Any options you set will apply to all volumes that generate previews on the local server.
Some of the options exist for specific kinds of images for which you might be creating previews. Because log files can grow quickly, you may want to consider setting options for rotating and truncating logs or limiting the number of days for which the logs are kept. Rotated logs will be moved to the fpo_log.old folder and renamed in YYYYMMDD format to signify the date of rotation.
The fpod(1M) vlog file provides more information about the resulting log file.
Web Access Log rotation and archive schedule
Use the options on the Logging, Settings, Web Access page to determine the rotation schedule and length of time that archives of the Web Access log will be kept. Web Access logs discusses the log file itself.