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Solr Search: Maintenance
This section provides various troubleshooting and configuration tips.
In this Section:
Increase Java Memory Heap Size
Create New Metadata Facets
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Increase Java Memory Heap Size
When starting the Solr Search Engine, Administrators can also specify additional parameters to pass to Java. For example, if Java OutOfMemory errors occur when using the Solr Search Engine, you can set the initial and maximum Java heap size.
To increase the Java memory size used:
In the Administration view, click Database > Admin > Searching.
Click Pause Solr Process.
Open the solr.conf file.
For Unix: /usr/etc/venture/var/solr.conf
For Windows: C:\\Program Files (x86)\Xinet\Venture\var\solr.conf
Set the javaparams values.
For example,
Set the initial Java heap size and maximum Java heap size by adding the following:
javaparams=-Xms128m -Xmx512m
To increase memory performance for Xinet server sessions using Oracle Java 2 Standard Edition version1.8, add the following:
The following logging levels are available for Java 1.8:
SEVERE (highest)
Save your updates.
In the Administration view, click Database > Admin > Searching and then click Start Solr.
Create New Metadata Facets
Portal users can specify specific facets they are looking for to refine the initial search results. These facets are saved, along with the initial query string, into the saved search.
Metadata facets are generated automatically based on the user’s keyword template. Administrators can create and modify metadata facets.
To create facets, click Database > Data Fields > New Field -- For more information, see Adding Data Fields.
To Modify facets, click Database > Data Fields > Summary and click on the edits icon for a specific data field. For more information, see Modifying or Editing Data Fields.