Administration Guide : Filter Files from Clients via Business Rules : Business Rules Filtering: Command Line Configuration : Combining Prerequisites

Combining Prerequisites
How multiple pre-requisites are combined is defined by the logic file as follows:
Note: The logic field is defined at the same level as the filter and not within the scope for the pre-requisite node.
In the following example we have created a filter to hide all rejected files with the keyword field123 having a string value exactly matching “Rejected” ("keywordStr" : { "flag" : 1, "id" : 123, "filterValue" : "Rejected"}). The two prerequisites stipulated below will limit this filter to only hide files in the folder ‘/Volumes/pickup’ ("path" : {"filterValue" : "/Volumes/pickup"}) OR ("logic" : 1) in any folder named ‘customerA’ ("parentdir" : {"filterValue" : "customerA"}). Note the prerequisites are not recursive. This filter will be applied for all users whose primary group ("primaryGroup" : true) is listed in the groups list ("groups" : ["FilterGroup1","FilterGroup2"]).