Administration Guide : Command-line manual pages

OPIDEBUG(5) manual page


opidebug - definitions for debugging FullPress programs


This manual page gives definitions for the bitmask of debugging options that programs like opi(8) , fpod(8) or imagetox(1) require when being run from the UNIX command-line. Most users will be able to turn on debugging for most FullPress programs from the GUI interfaces and can safely ignore this list. While all the FullPress programs will accept any of these bits (and any others not declared here), some of the bits are not applicable to certain programs.

Hex bitThe debug item it enables
00000001Send debug text to stdout (instead of AppleTalk Log file)
00000002Error messages
00000004AppleShare volume information
00000008Filenames used in OPI Image Replacement
00000010Mac filename to UNIX filename searching (OPI replacement)
00000020JPEG image format
00000040TIFF image format, RGB colorspace
00000080TIFF image format, CMYK colorspace
00000100TIFF image format, Paletted colorspace
00000200TIFF image format, Gray/B+W colorspaces
00000400EPS image format
00000800Mac PICT generation
00001000Mac ICON generation
00002000Mac PNOT generation
00004000Scitex image format
00008000C Source file and line where debug message comes from
00010000PID of process logging the debug message
00020000Date/Time that message is generated
00040000Include the debug level in the message
00080000ALIAS image format
00100000Image scaling
00200000SGI image format
00400000Trace OPI comments in PostScript
00800000RGB to CMYK conversion
01000000Other image formats (SunRaster, XWD, ... )
02000000Contex CT image format
04000000Barco image format
08000000Dalim image format