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LPQSERVER(8) manual page


lpqserver - service requests from the Macintosh K-Spool Monitor desk accessory


/usr/etc/appletalk/lpqserver [-D] [-L] [-Z zone ] [ -O spoolername ] printername
/usr/etc/appletalk/lpqserver [-D] [-L] -E command spoolername


lpqserver is obsolete. The functionality is now available in spoolserv. The lpqserver is a server that provides information to the Macintosh K-Spool Monitor desk accessory. It accepts requests from Macintoshes, and responds with information gained by executing lpq(1) (for lpr systems) or lpstat(1) (for lp systems), or by attempting to read the various files in the printer's spool directory.

The lpqserver is invoked with an argument naming an entry in the printcap(5) file. Flags include:

turns on debugging
causes the name spoolername to appear on the Macintosh. It should be the same spooler name that was given to papserver(8) .
makes lpqserver assume lp is being used rather than lpr on systems where lpr is the default (SGI and SUN). This option is useful only on SGI machines (where the lp and lpr systems both exist), and the user wants to route the jobs through lp.
causes lpqserver to invoke command rather than lpq(1) .

The lpqserver is usually started by atinit(8) from entries in the /usr/etc/appletalk/services file.

If the printer is an AppleTalk printer, lpqserver will also try to update the status file if there are no jobs in the queue.

See Also

atinit(8) , papserver(8) , lpq(1)