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FPOVOLOPTS(5) manual page


fpovolopts - options database for making FPOs.




fpovolopts contains options on a per-volume basis for making FPO images on FullPress servers. The options are usually set via the FullPress(1) GUI or with setfpoopt(8) . fpod(8) reads the options and passes on the appropriate ones to mkfpo(1) .

The format of the file is patterned after the printcap(5) database, consisting of 7-bit ASCII text except for volume names, which may contain 8-bit Apple characters. An AppleShare volume name starts each entry at the beginning of a line, followed by a colon-separated (and surrounded) list of two-letter keys and their values. The key/value pairs are separated by `=' or `#', depending on if the value is a string or integer. Boolean keys are either present (True) or not (False), with no value (and no `=' or '#'). Entries may be broken into multiple lines by ending a to-be-continued line after a colon with the backslash (\) character, followed by a TAB character and a colon at the beginning of the next line. Comments start at the beginning of a line with a `#' character and end at the end of a line.

The following table describes the keys used by fpod(8) to guide FPO generation:

3mboolinclude masks in EPFS FPOs via a PostScript level-3
    Masked Image operator. These FPOs will render
    as a grey region if printed to a PS Level 1 or
    2 device. This option key overrides ``em.''
asboolmake ASCII images inside EPS FPOs (Binary is default)
bbboolleave images out of EPS FPOs
bcbooldon't make EPS FPOs out of non-EPS 1-bit images
bpbooluse Black Point Compensation when doing ICC conversions
bwstringpathname to B & W image to watermark BW and index
    color FPOs or Web Images. Must be given together
    with gw. The image must be in one of the FullPress
    supported image formats, and for web images should
    be less than 112 pixels wide and high.
bzstringpathname to B & W image to watermark expired assets
drintsets the default resolution for images without a
    built-in resolution (in dots per 10 inches)
embool(overridden by the 3m key) OMIT any mask in the
    high-res from the body of an EPS FPO (does not
    affect previews). By default, masks are included
    as PostScript level 2 patterns and will misrender
    on level 1 RIPs. They may also confuse Illustrator.
fmstringformat of the FPO: the value is one of the following:
    noconv: make eps from eps, TIFF from all others
    eps: create EPS FPOs from all formats
    web: create JPEG or GIF FPOs from all formats
gcbooldon't make EPS FPOs out of non-EPS Greyscale images
gwstringpathname to greyscale image to watermark rgb, lab,
    and cmyk FPOs or Web Images. Must be given together
    with bw. The image must be in one of the FullPress
    supported image formats, and for web images should
    be less than 112 pixels wide and high.
gzstringpathname to greyscale image to watermark expired assets
jpintif given, JPEG-encode all image-included EPS FPOs.
    The value is the JPEG quality (useful range 5-95)
mpintminimum pixel dimension of previews (FPO/PICT or WEB).
    This may increase an FPO's resolution.
msboolgenerate TIFF PC previews on EPS FPOs
naboolfor EPS FPOs, this causes the Standard OPI `ALDImage'
    comments to NOT be inserted in the FPO
ncbooldon't copy-protect the FPO. This should be set only
    if the format is EPS (fm=eps) because only EPS has
    a chance of finding the Hi-Res image at print time
ngbooldo not make GIFs of masked or clipped images
nibooldo not perform Image Replacement on PDF input files
njbooldo not retain JPEGness of original high res images.
nmbooldo not create an alpha (mask) channel when rasterizing
    PDF and EPS files for preview and/or FPO. By
    default, all EPS files and all PDF files with
    suffix .ai , or created by Photoshop are rendered
    with unpainted parts of the canvas transparent.
nnboolDO create FPOs for image types that normally do not
    get them (e.g. Raw Camera files, GIFs, Art Pro CTs)
npbooldon't make FPOs for PDF files
nrbooldon't process RAW Camera files (should appear on both
    WEB and FPO volume options if both are enabled)
nsbooldon't make small PICTs
nvbooldon't make FPOs out of Vector EPS files (or any
    pixel-EPS file that FullPress doesn't support)
nxbooldon't make FPOs of TIFFs with extra channels (spot or
    mask) - requires Q3 key for extra channel detection
opboolforce rendering PDF and vector EPS files with overprint
    of spot colors simulated (disables alpha channel)
pcintif given, the FPO is this percent size of the original
piintif given, generate PICT previews for EPS FPOs. It
    means - 0: 24-bit full color, 1: 8-bit paletted
    2: 24-bit full color OS9-compatible (reduced region)
pjbooldo not make fpos of JFIF/JPEG source images
pmboolignore Mask channels in PhotoShop Native files
pxintif given, limit pixel dimensions to this maximum
    number (currently ignored for non-WEB-format FPOs)
Q1boolhonor Mask channels when reading TIFFs
Q2boolhonor Spot channels when reading TIFFs
Q3boolhonor Mask and Spot channels when reading TIFFs
rsintif given, constrain to this many DOTS PER 10 INCHES
spboolif given, include ICC profile in WEB preview JPEGs
szintif given, constrain the FPO to this many kilobytes
tpboolif given, generate PICT previews even for TIFF FPOs
ucboolwhen reading TIFFs, do not ignore clipping paths
usstringthe UNIX login name of the owner of the volume
wpboolignore PNOT timestamps - causes any PICT preview to
    be replaced if PICT making is turned on
xxboolappend the options from the `*' entry to this one

An entry for the special volume name `*' is required, and it's used for default settings if there is no entry for a particular AppleShare volume. As an example, the following single line may be used as the entire fpovolopts file:


It will cause FPOs to be at 72 DPI, and also produce 8-bit PICT previews and custom icons (for those document types that need them) along with each FPO image.

See Also

FullPress(1) , mkfpo(1) , fpod(8)