Portal Administration Guide : Appendix: Xinet Portal Tags and Templates : Xinet Portal base templates

Xinet Portal base templates
Settings within the site’s portal.css file will override those in the base_portal.css when in conflict.
File manager subwindow— copy asset
Primary view for File Manager
File Manager subwindow — move asset
Stores page-specific CSS for mview which isn’t useful to other Portal operations.
The main mview template file
Portal mview presents a preview on the right side of the screen and with a menu of functions on the left side. When a user clicks one of the menu items on the left side, the menu slides away to the left and exposes a panel with the requested functionality. Each of the mview_ files contains the HTML code necessary to build those panels, with the name of the files indicating the panel to which it pertains.
Cascading Style Sheet for global customizing. The PORTALADMIN Theme Editor provides a GUI for making changes to the elements contained within the portal.css file.
Display large preview of image in a new window. (Also includes small previews of SWF and FLV flash streams.) Can be customized for WebNative Portal.
Display of Quick Filters in sub-Searches.
Controls the Quick Search options (as opposed to the More Options).
File Manager subwindow — rename asset
Controls Search, More Options display.
Search view
File Manager subwindow — delete asset
Controls Top Level