Client Guide : Appendix A: Troubleshooting OS X Issues : Xinet version management

Xinet version management
When a Xinet server has been configured to keep versions of files, Xinet allows remote viewers with proper permissions to see the various versions through a Web browser, select a new “current” version for production use, delete versions, and download versions. (If you’re using Xinet Portal, see Managing asset versions for information about Xinet Portal’s built-in version mechanism.)
Using Xinet to manage versions
Xinet contains a Show Versions icon which, through its File Info dialog allows remote users with proper access privileges to:
Let’s use an image called portrait6.tif and its version to take a tour of Xinet Version Management features:
A copy of the selected version becomes the new current version. The previous working version has been assigned a version number and appears as the latest version in the folder.
Managing archived versions
Sites using Xinet can also store previews and fpos of archived files and their versions. These will be visible in Web browsers, appearing just like “live” files there, except that the Make the Current Working Version option will not be available.