Client Guide : Appendix A: Troubleshooting OS X Issues : Using Xinet CM

Using Xinet CM
Xinet CM provides the most benefits for those working in an environment running the Xinet Suite. You can find assets through your web browser using Xinet’s search engine, and then, using Xinet CM, reveal and open items in the Finder directly from your browser. This saves having to click through a series of folders in order to get to the asset that interests you. Simply hold down the Control key while you are clicking on the Xinet link.
You can then reveal the asset’s location on the mounted volume or open either the high-resolution or FPO version of the file. Xinet CM also lets you navigate between the high-resolution and FPO views of files quickly and easily.
From the Finder
Note: Because of browser limitations, we have stopped supporting Firefox browser versions after 45 (ESR), and will not support Firefox after Xinet 19.
You can Control-click items inside Xinet volumes and see pop-up menus that allow you either to reveal the location of the corresponding “other view” or open the corresponding “other view;” i.e, when you Control-click fpos, resulting popup menu allows you to open the high-resolution version of the file, or reveal the high-resolution version in the Finder. The plug-in will mount the “other volume” if it is not already mounted.
From Safari or Chrome
When browsing through Xinet or with Xinet search results, control-clicking on file links will give you a pop-up menu that, if you have the appropriate Xinet volume mounted, allows you to reveal the selected object in the Finder or to “open” the selected object.
Note: The Safari extension is part of the client installer. To find the Chrome extension, search for “Xinet CM” in the Chrome web store.