Client Guide : Appendix A: Troubleshooting OS X Issues : Working offsite with FPOs

Working offsite with FPOs
Working with For Placement Only (FPO) assets allows the embedding of low-resolution versions of images in a file. This can lead to savings in storage and network bandwidth. The smaller images will be swapped out with the original images whenever the high-res data are needed.
When you decide to work with low-resolution files, the server will automatically generate and store low-resolution for Placement Only (FPO) previews of images files placed on the volume. Non-image files may also reside on the volume. Most FPO’s are smaller and more efficient to use in layout updates and unlike high-resolution images, can’t readily be edited. Many sites use FPO’s for image-replacement workflows which rely on the server to replace the low-resolution placeholders with their high-resolution corollaries at the tail-end of production. These workflows may also make FPO’s available for downloading over the Web so that remote users can participate in document preparation and approval. While working on a file locally in the application it was created in, drag and drop asset images from Pilot into the layout.
To open an FPO for a selected asset, open the Details view, click the Download icon below the thumbnail and select Download FPO. For more information, see Downloading Assets from Portal.
Users may want to provide FPOs for use in layout offset, and then, for production, use Picture Wrangler to relink to the FPOs on the server. The easiest way to do this is to allow customers to download FPOs using Xinet, and then have them use Xinet again to upload the completed layout. If you do not have web-based services, there are two alternatives, described below.
Option 1
If using a OS X client, copy FPOs to moveable media.
Option 2
If you have a Xinet login, you can use the download low-resolution option to download FPOs for production use.
Whichever method you use, you should be aware of a few issues. Make sure your co-workers or clients understand they are using FPOs. Some customers are surprised by the low-resolution images, especially if they are trying to make their own proofs. Also warn your off site customers away from editing the FPOs. The downloaded/exported FPOs are no longer copy-protected and can be edited. Any changes made to the exported FPOs will not be reflected in the high-resolution images on the server.