Client Guide : Appendix B: InDesign Tips

Appendix B: InDesign Tips
You can use InDesign reliably with the Xinet software. Note that you must install the Xinet Support ID and Metadata ID plug-ins to use InDesign.
The following topics are provided in this section:
For a full list of plug-in versions supported for Xinet, see Xinet Client Utilities and Plug-ins.
Xinet Support ID Plug-in
Xinet Support ID is a plug-in for InDesign that allows for drag and drop from the Safari and Chrome browsers and from the Xinet Pilot application directly into InDesign documents on the desktop.
Xinet Metadata ID Plug-in
Xinet Metadata ID is a plug-in that adds previews, thumbnails, and other information.These previews will be viewable through Xinet Portal in any standard web browser, and will contain links to images used in the InDesign spreads.
When a user who has installed Xinet Metadata ID saves a layout file, the plug-in places a “slug” inside the document. The slug contains two previews of each spread in the document (a thumbnail and a 72 dpi, full-sized preview) and information about every image used in the file (name, directory id, coordinates, etc.).
For configuration information, go to Configuring Xinet Metadata ID on Client Systems
Install Xinet Plug-Ins for InDesign: Windows
Use the Adobe Exchange site to download and install Xinet client add-ons (plugins) on Windows systems for Adobe InDesign. (Separate add-ons are available for each Adobe CC version.)
You should install the add-on in the way that Adobe recommends. Note that you must have the appropriate version of InDesign already installed on the machine you are using.
To install the add-on:
Install Xinet Plug-Ins for InDesign: Mac
Anyone working in-house can install Xinet Support ID for InDesign drag and drop support. Mac OS X client software is available on the MacFiles volume (the installer is called Xinet Client.mpkg).
See the Administration Guide for additional configuration information. (InDesign Drag and Drop on Macintosh: Troubleshooting).
Interactive PDF: The Annotator ID plug-in for InDesign
The Annotator ID plug-in allows you to use Xinet queues to create PDFs that contain interactive links to images that reside on the Xinet server. By default, provided the person viewing the PDF has a Xinet user login, clicking on an image in the PDF will bring up that image in Xinet Portal via the user’s browser. If the user isn’t already logged into Xinet Portal, clicking on an image link will launch Xinet Portal, request authentication, and then present the image.
The plug-in also allows you to use Xinet queues that have been configured so that the server is able to send the print output from your InDesign document to a folder relative to the original file location. Talk to your system administrator if this isn’t working the way you expect.