Client Guide : Adding External Links : External Links Pointing to an Exhibit Page

External Links Pointing to an Exhibit Page
In order to dynamically create links to a specific asset (for example in an automatically generated Email action) Exhibit site allow resolving links that look like this:
http://<portal.hostname>/PORTAL/BROWSE.php?id=<fileid of asset in questions>&server=<serverid>&siteurl=<siteid>.
For example, the following link could be added to an email action. The $XFID variable will be replaced with the file's actual fileid before the email is sent. $XFID is, among other variables, available to email actions and gets resolved during action execution. This is what could be put in the email action.$XFID&server=eGluZXQubm9ydGhwbGFpbnNkZW1vLmNvbQ==&siteurl=LzE3NjE=
When the email is sent the link could look like this:
When clicking on the link in your email client (or copying the link in a browser) you will be taken to the specified Exhibit site and a single image will be shown in browse view.
Additional URLs are available as options:
The following example will open the asset in question directly on the MVIEW page:,,,&id=$XFID&path=$URLPATHNAME&server=eGluZXQubm9ydGhwbGFpbnNkZW1vLmNvbQ==&siteurl=LzE3NjE=
One can also specify to open the annotation panel in MVIEW automatically, just by clicking the link. Note the additional query string: showdetails=annotatedetails,,,&id=$XFID&path=$URLPATHNAME&server=eGluZXQubm9ydGhwbGFpbnNkZW1vLmNvbQ==&siteurl=LzE3NjE=&showdetails=annotatedetails
Portal Implementation Note
In the examples used in this section, the URLs are hard coded based on an example server and siteurl parameter value. Please note that you should replace those with values that correspond to your server and the Portal site you want your link to point to respectively.
To get those values in Exhibit, simply log in to your Exhibit site with a valid user ID and browse to some subfolder. You can then copy those values from the URL.
In Marquee these values are more difficult to find because they are hidden from the browser URL. You have currently two options:
For the siteurl, compute the base64 value of your marquee site's name (including the starting slash). For example:
base64(/marquee) = L21hcnF1ZWU=
Add this to your link as follows: