Client Guide : Adding External Links : External Links Pointing to a Marquee Page

External Links Pointing to a Marquee Page
Link to Details View
Using the Shareable Link button, you can easily create a link in an email (or other) action that would open an asset in the Details View:
1. Click on the Get Shareable Link button for any asset.
The link will look similar to this:
2. For the value of “showid”, substitute the asset file ID with the FILE ID OF ASSET variable ($XFID); for the value of “id”, substitute the file ID with the FILE ID OF PATH variable ($PARENTID), as highlighted below:$XFID&showmode=details&id=$PARENTID&server=MTMxLjEwNi4xMTAuMjQ3&siteurl=LzI0N01hcnF1ZWU=
You can now use this URL in an email action setting as a link to any file in the specified location.
When the email action is triggered, the actual file ID and path is substituted for $XFID and the resulting link will look more like this example:
When Marquee users click on the link above, the Marquee site will show the folder with file ID 456 and automatically open the Details View modal view for the asset with file ID 6789.
Link to Annotations View (instead of Details View):
If you wish to show the link in the Annotations View modal instead of the Details View modal, use the same process as you did for Details view in the previous section, but set the showmode argument to "annotations."
The link would look like the following example:$XFID&showmode=annotations&id=2&server=MTMxLjEwNi4xMTAuMjQ3&siteurl=LzI0N01hcnF1ZWU=
Link to DetailsView/AnnotationsView with Variable Path
In reality, the file ID for the assets parent path is unknown, so the full path can be used instead. The Email action variable is called $URLPATHNAME. In other words, both URLs from the examples above would look like this, if you use the parent path of the asset instead:$URLPATHNAME&showid=$XFID&showmode=details&server=MTMxLjEwNi4xMTAuMjQ3&siteurl=LzI0N01hcnF1ZWU=