Portal Administration Guide : Appendix: Asset Timer (Exhibit Only)

Appendix: Asset Timer (Exhibit Only)
Asset Timer is a Xinet Portal usage-control feature, and is available through Exhibit Browser sites as a separate module. It requires that the Xinet database be enabled on volumes where it will be used.
This feature allows a user with Asset Timer administrator privileges to control the availability of assets based on time parameters. Access to assets can be restricted based on start and end dates. Upon expiration, assets can be watermarked. Asset Timer settings can also effect what happens to images during OPI image substitution and block the addition of further Annotations and use of Custom Image Order.
Xinet Portal’s Asset Timer restricts access to assets based upon parameters specified by an administrator. The administrator can set date ranges for accessibility to include start and expiration information. Upon expiration, the asset will be watermarked and under some administrator-set conditions, print jobs that contained expired assets will fail. In addition, the server can be configured so that Asset Timer will lock any sub-folder within an expired folder and /or, lock any file in which an expired asset has been used.
Xinet Print Queues can also be configured so that current Asset Timer values for an image restrict image replacement while printing, either by watermarking expired assets within the print job or by failing to print any job that contains expired assets. Refer to Image replacement options for the queue in the Xinet Administration Guide for details.
The Asset Timer administrator establishing start and expiration values. Of course, like most Xinet Portal features, this is completely configurable. For example, the Asset Timer can be configured to allow the administrator and users to sort files in terms of their availability (status - Available, Unavailable, and Unclassified.). In addition, the Asset timer has been configured to allow the administrator to use pop-up lists to determine the month, date, and year for availability. Settings on the Xinet server determine the degree of specificity which can range anywhere from minutes to years. Files that are no longer available bear watermarks. The Asset Timer also includes an e-mail request form that is used when the user wants an asset that has time-out to be restored