Portal Administration Guide : Customize Xinet Portal

Customize Xinet Portal
Xinet Portal was specifically designed to provide easy customizing and branding of Web sites without having to be a JavaScript expert or advanced Web designer. With its many built-in configuration options and some basic knowledge of text editors and/or visual html editors, you can tailor a Web site specific to your needs.
User-friendly templates, driven by Xinet Portal tags, can be manipulated to create a unique site for each client. By simply adding, deleting or rearranging these tags on your page layout you can immediately change Xinet Portal’s visual presentation.
Along with the base templates, Xinet Portal comes with standard buttons and graphics. For additional customization, you can replace these standard images with your own custom artwork to further personalize sites. For Exhibit sites, the PORTALADMIN Theme Editor, described in The Theme Editor (for Exhibit Sites) provides details about the easiest way to do this.
Keep in mind that if you want to make a change that is applied across all templates on a site, inserting or changing an entry in the portal.css style sheet provides a way of applying the change more globally.
Custom Buttons and Actions
Please refer to Xinet TechNotes 330 and 331 for information about adding custom buttons and Actions to Xinet Portal sites. In addition, refer to the procedures in our Xinet Administration Guide on how to work with Actions and Triggers.