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Release Notes Xinet 19.1
If you have any questions about this release or about the material that is included in the manuals, please contact Xinet Technical Support at help@northplains.com.
The Xinet Release Notes change every release because they describe the resolved, limitations, and known issues within the Xinet release. This update replaces the previous version of this document.
What’s New Highlights
Here are some highlights of what we have added this release, in addition to various bug fixes. For details, see the Resolved Issues section following this section.
We have made many bug fixes and usability improvements to annotations. Of note:
Users can now delete their own annotations. These deletion events are logged in webdblog for verification and tracking. (XIN-6228, XIN-7396)
Usability Improvements
Expanded Support
JPG2000 (JP2) compression files (JP2, J2K, JPF). (XIN-7428)
Intel/DVI ADPCM (Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation) format (XIN-4247)
CAD file formats DGN, DWG, DXF. (XIN-7235)
End-of-Life Announcements
You can see the latest end-of-life and product support announcements online. See the Xinet EOL Life Letter and Xinet Product Support Grid, available in the Documentation section in the Download area of the Xinet Portal on our website.
Resolved Issues
Specific additions and bug fixes that are included in this release are detailed below.
Added a new option to ensure the contents of a collection are updated if items in the collection are moved after having been put into the collection.

Add the following option to
dblogd.conf (in the [Options] section):


This option turns on a check for each "rename" event. It then looks in each file in the collection (current or saved) and if the path was affected by the rename, the collection is rewritten with the moved filename. This is an expensive operation, so is off by default.
The syncvoltodb sync file process can now be run safely on a single file without pausing the dblogd daemon.
Known Issues
Known issues for this release are listed below.
Workaround: Open the Administration view and save the Portal Site settings in the Portal tab.
Installation: When upgrading to version 18.1 or above, Pilot preferences are overwritten.
Pilot users must re-enter the Xinet Pilot URL by typing the IP address or
Patch Installation Instructions
Set Up File Sharing
SMB file sharing will automatically be installed with the Xinet installers for the Linux platform as long as the appropriate samba packages are installed and up to date.
Prior to installing Xinet, run:
# yum install samba
To enable SMB access for new Xinet users:
To enable SMB access for existing Xinet users:
Where to find Xinet Installers
Xinet installers are available online. Visit www.northplains.com and click Partner Portal at the bottom of the page to locate the installer appropriate for your platform.
For full details on how to install the Xinet server and client, see Installing Xinet in our Xinet Administration Guide. For full details on installing the Video Module for Xinet, see Installing the Xinet Video Module in our Xinet Administration Guide.
Install Windows Pilot
To install the updated Windows Pilot on Windows client machines:
Download the file XinetPilotInstaller.exe.
Double-click on the XinetPilotInstaller.exe.