System Requirements Guide : Xinet Client Utilities and Plug-ins

Xinet Client Utilities and Plug-ins
Xinet Client utilities and plug-ins are automatically installed when installing the client software on a local computer. Clients, with direct access to the server, can install Xinet Plug-ins directly from the server onto their workstations. Both the Mac OS X and Windows installers are available on the MacFiles server.
For full installation instructions, see Installing Xinet.
For a full description for each plug-in, see About Xinet Client Extensions and Plug-ins.
For a list of Third-Party Software, see the section in the Installation Guide, Preparation/Libraries for Xinet on Linux Server.
Version 19 Utilities and Plug-ins
The following table outlines the utilities and plug-ins installed with our Xinet client software in an environment for Xinet version 19.0.
Annotator ID for Adobe InDesign
Picture Wrangler ID for Adobe InDesign
Xinet Metadata ID for InDesign (formerly Xinet Text Indexer ID)
Xinet Support ID for Adobe InDesign (formerly WebNative ID)
WebNative Helper for Firefox
You will find our Windows plug-ins for Adobe InDesign CC 2014, Adobe CC 2015 and Adobe CC 2017 at Mac OS X client software is available on the MacFiles volume (the installer is called Xinet Client.mpkg).
(*) Xinet 19 is the last version of Xinet to support a number of plug-ins, as marked by an asterisk ( * ) above. For a complete list of end-of-life announcements, see the release notes.
(**) CC 2017.1 has also been tested with the Adobe CC 2017 plug-ins.
(+) PictureWrangler for Adobe InDesign CS6 requires AFP mounts and does not work over SMB. (Other versions will work over SMB)