Administration Guide : Configuring Apache Web server : Required: Configure Apache to Work with Xinet: the configure.apache Script

Required: Configure Apache to Work with Xinet: the configure.apache Script
Apache needs to be configured appropriately to work with Xinet. Xinet provides the configure.apache script to take care of this. Whether or not/how you interact with this script may vary, depending on your operating system and local details. The OS-specific details that follow this section provide more information about the script.
For some operating systems, a version of Apache comes pre-installed. The configure.apache script will look for it when attempting to configure your Web server. If the script doesn’t find Apache where it expects it to be, it will prompt you for the location where Apache has been installed. When prompting, configure.apache will offer a guess if it finds something in the file system that looks like an Apache installation. You can either confirm that guess or override it by typing a new location.
A -nodefault switch or flag exists for configure.apache which causes configure.apache to completely ignore OS-specific, pre-existing Apache installations and to always prompt the user for the location of the version of Apache to use. This switch exists for those who don’t want to use their OS-specific default installation of Apache, but still wanted to use configure.apache. Without the -nodefault switch, configure.apache would never ask for a different Apache installation and would, thus, configure the OS-specific Apache installation. If appropriate, use the switch as follows:
# ./configure.apache -nodefault
Then supply the location of the Apache installation when prompted. You may run the configure.apache script at any time it’s warranted.