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About Apache
Most systems come with Apache pre-installed and manage versions with automatic system updates. The following subsections provide information about where to turn, should you find problems with your existing version.
Apache on OS X
A version of the Apache server ships with OS X Server. When you install OS X Server, you should choose to install the Web server. After installing WebNative.pkg, Xinet should be ready to use. Point a browser at the machine by entering the hostname or IP address, then authenticate as the user nativeadmin. Initially, the password will be either the Admin password or blank (in which case, nothing needs to be typed in the password field). If the password was blank, be sure after you have authenticated, to change the password for nativeadmin to a real password.
Apache on Linux and Altix
A version of the Apache server ships with Linux Red Hat and with SGI Altix. When you install the software, you should choose to install the Web server. When you run the installwebnative script, you will be prompted to specify the location where Apache was installed. After you supply that information, the script will configure Apache and start a browser pointing to Xinet. Authenticate as the user nativeadmin with the root password.
Setting up directory services for Xinet
If you are interested in setting up directory services to work with your Xinet Apache server, please refer to Xinet TechNote 218, available in the Help section at