Administration Guide : Administering Xinet Users : Adding new users

Adding new users
About the Default User
As a shortcut for adding new users, Xinet ships with a Default user already established. The settings assigned to this user will automatically be applied to new users as you add them and to existing users who kept their Default user assignment. Use the Volumes/Users, Users, Edit User page and select Username Default if you’d like to change these initial settings. They cover the following attributes:
When adding new users, you’ll also find another shortcut, the Copy User pop-up list.
Local users
If you want some of your users to be able to mount high-resolution and FPO volumes directly on their desktops, establish volumes as described in Setting up Xinet Volumes, then use the appropriate mechanisms offered by your server’s operating system to set up user accounts and provide access to those volumes.
Users with Web access
To give a new user access to the server over the Web:
Click the Volumes/Users, Users, New User tabs to open the New User page.
Supply the user’s name and a password, then verify the password by re-entering it in the Password (again) field. While you can type in a password of any length, on Unix servers, because Apache on Unix uses crypt(1) for the passwords, only the first eight characters will be relevant.
Please note: If you are using Active Directory, no New User tab will be present.
Figure 0-2 Adding new users
Add the user to groups, if appropriate. Or, use the Copy User pop-up menu at the bottom of the page to copy group memberships from another user. Refer to Creating and editing groups for information about setting up groups.
If you add the user to more than one group, you must also choose a Primary Group. This establishes how Xinet will respond when there are conflicts between group settings. If you assign a Primary Group and afterwards use the Copy User option, the option will not re-assign the Primary Group.
To set access, use the pop-up Access Control List. The items you see only include ACLs based on addresses. No ACLs for individual users show up.
The default choice Everyone gives the user access from any location. Use the AFP/Access, Access Restriction (ACL), Create an ACL page to add additional ACLs to your pop-up list. Security settings provides more information about ACLs.
Establish the file Download Format for the user. Options include:
default Mac ZIP (Includes Macintosh Resources)
Stuff It
PC ZIP (Omits Macintosh Resources)
Uncompressed PC Zip
Uncompressed Macintosh Zip
Xinet also allows you to assign Administrative Privileges to selected users and/or group-related SubAdmin privileges. Please refer to page 277 for more information about Administrative Privileges and page 282 for details about SubAdmin privileges.
Click the Add User button.
Remember, that new users who are added in this way will only have access to the server via the Web. They will not be able to mount volumes directly.