Client Guide : Using Xinet Portal : Creating versions of assets

Creating versions of assets
Xinet Versioning provides a method for keeping consistently-named backup copies of image files as they are being edited. Its companion, the Xinet Version Management interface allows users with proper permissions to work with images and their earlier versions.
Managing asset versions
Xinet version management provides information about version management for users working directly on the Xinet server. Xinet Portal servers can also be configured with a version management system. If you are working on a Xinet Portal server, a built-in mechanism in the media viewer exists that provides similar functionality more conveniently. (Triggers and Actions can be set up by your Administrator to automatically let version creation happen without any additional user interaction.) As a Portal users, you must have the appropriate options set by your Administration. Detailed information is available in our Xinet Administration Guide.
Use the green arrows to promote a previous version to become the “current working version” or delete a version by clicking the garbage can associated with it. The Create New Version button allows you to preserve the current version and establish a new working one where any future changes to the file will be saved. You may also visually compare versions.
Promote a version to a working version
Xinet and Xinet Portal users with proper Show Versions permission can use the Promote to working version option to change the current working version of any file with versions.
Creating Versions of Assets
When using the Marquee theme, you can create a number of versions of an asset in the Details view.
To create versions of an asset:
Click the Versions tab and click Create New Version.
Each version you add uses the same file name with a sequential number added. For example, if you make a version of an asset called mybee.JPG, that version is named mybee_001.JPG., the next version made is called mybee_002.JPG and so on.
To make a version the working copy:
To view the differences between versions:
Click Compare.
Click Back to return to the Details view.
To delete a version: