Administration Guide : Configuring a User’s Styles : Using Volume Styles

Using Volume Styles
There is also a style called volumestyles which is not administered using the GUI. The Xinet listdir, imageinfo, and searchengine CGIs will check volumestyles for file-system, location-dependent, Xinet-style switching. The file which controls this is:
Unix: /var/adm/webnative/volumestyles
Windows: C:\Program Files\Xinet\WebNative\Admin\volumestyles
Files for volumestyles may also be included in the Xinet user or group directory, where site volumestyles overrides general style assignment, group volumestyles overrides site volumestyles, and user volumestyles overrides group volumestyles. This is similar to the WebNative global.js, local.js and user.js heirarchy.
The volumestyles file consists of lines with a file system path and action:style pair separated by a tab. Volume paths that are the path or descendants of the path will get the style set for the given action (which may be * to affect all available styles).
Here is a sample volumestyles file entry:
/Volumes/customer/PDFs browse:customer_PDF
/Volumes/foo css:foo