Administration Guide : Actions and Trigger Sets Quick-start Guide : Testing the Trigger Set

Testing the Trigger Set
Now, test the Trigger Set:
Click Change User and log in as a user who has access to both the Active Path for the Trigger Set and the test_approval field in his or her PermSet.
As that user, find an image and show details by getting Image Info about that image. (That process varies, depending on the style and view options set.) Change the value of the test_approval field to Yes, and click Save Changes.
First, Xinet will copy the file to the folder you selected in the copy to my folder settings. Then, you should receive an email from your server at the address you configured in your Action Settings.
Because you selected Fail in the copy to my folder settings, if a file or folder with the same name as your file already exists in the copy destination, the copy Action will fail. In this case, because you selected Exit and Notify in your On Failure options, you should receive email based on the settings Notify Me Fail in this case.
To test this, try changing the value of test approval to No and save your file. There are no Trigger Rules associated with this change, so no Actions will run.
Change the value back to Yes, and save your changes again. This time, the same Action will run as before. If you have not removed the file from the destination set in copy to my folder, the copy Action will fail and notify you via email.
You can find logging information for these Actions on the Logging, Trigger page in the page or in /var/adm/appletalk/trigger.log on Unix systems and C:\Program Files\Xinet\FullPress\triggers.log on Windows systems.