Administration Guide : Actions and Trigger Sets Quick-start Guide : Definitions

Action An executable that is run by the Xinet database trigger
Action Setting A set of variables that affect how an Action runs
Setting Set For ease of administration, a group of Action Settings that pertain to one group of users. For example, you might identify Action Settings for particular accounts this way.
Trigger Rule A set of rules that establish when to run an Action or series of Actions.
Trigger Rules are comprised of the Data Field with which the rule is associated, the Action to run (with all its Settings), and what to do if the Action fails.
Trigger Set A group of Trigger Rules and the Active Paths for those
Trigger Rules
Active Path File system locations that are applicable for a specific
Trigger Set. If conditions in a Trigger Rule are met for a file or directory within these paths, then the Actions for that Trigger Rule will run.
On Failure How to proceed in case the Action fails. If set to Continue the next Action in the series (if any) will run. Exit will cause a silent exit. Exit and Notify will send e-mail using the On Failure email Settings for the Trigger Set.