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Links and other reading
Apache Cookbook. By Ken Coar, Rich Bowen, November 2003, ISBN: 0-596-00191-6, O’Reilly Publishing — this is a must have for anybody serious about Apache Web servers. It provides many useful examples for both everyday and complex configuration issues.
Unix System Administration Handbook. By Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, Scott Seebass and Trent R. Hein, Third Edition, ISBN: 0130206016, Prentice Hall. See chapter 21 for security, but the book in general is an excellent resource.
Xinet TechNote 218, Directory Services Setup for FullPress and WebNative. Visit
mod_ssl for Apache:
Tutorial on how to setup Apache SSL
Demystifying CISCO Access Control Lists
Tripwire software
Open Source:
Snort — open source intrusion detection
Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases (ACID)
A great site for information on networking technology and security:
Signing authorities
Thawte Consulting at
Verisign at
IKS GmbH, at
BelSign NV/SA, at
Verisign, Inc. at
TC TrustCenter (Germany) at
Deutsches Forschungsnetz at
128i Ltd. (New Zealand) at Ltd. at
Equifax Inc. at
GlobalSign NV/SA at
NetLock Kft. (Hungary) at
Certplus SA (France) at
GeoTrust Inc. (USA) at (USA) at (Canada) at certs
KPN Telecom (The Netherlands) at
Tier Networking (USA) at
ipsCA (Spain) at
CAcert (Australia) at
Comodo CA (USA/UK) at