Administration Guide : Input print service : Adding and editing spoolers

Adding and editing spoolers
To add or edit a spooler for clients, use the Print/HotFolder, Spoolers, Make New Spooler or Edit Spooler pages. They present very similar interfaces.
To configure a spooler:
Select a print queue to which you will spool jobs using the Spool to print Queue pop-up list. The menu displays the print queues already established on the server. You may direct spoolers to any of theses. The queue you select determines what happens to jobs sent to the spooler in terms of image-replacement options, type of output generated, etc.
When you are adding a new spooler, the GUI will fill in a Published Spooler Name based on the queue you just selected. Because this isn’t true when you are reconfiguring an existing queue, always be careful to check what the type-in box says. The name there is the name which end users will see when they are selecting a printer destination, for example., the name which will appear in the Chooser or Print Browser on Macintoshes. You may use any name you want, up to 32 letters in length, but the name must contain the string “Spooler” and must be unique in the zone.
[OS X Systems only] Use the Published in Zone pop-up menu to set the zone for the spooler. If you don’t select one for a new spooler, Xinet will use the (Default) zone name.
[optional] A few sites may want to use the Submit all jobs as root user option. Without it, the user’s name will appear in the file name submitted.
Click the Submit button when you’re done.
Deleting input print spoolers
To delete an input printer spooler, first locate the spooler on the Spoolers, Summary page, then click the Delete icon (trash can) associated with it. The spooler will disappear from the list of printers clients see. The associated print queue, however, will not be effected.