Administration Guide : Adding and configuring input Hot Folders : Adding or editing an input Hot Folder

Adding or editing an input Hot Folder
Since adding and editing Hot Folders are very similar operations, this section only examines how to add a Hot Folder.
To add an input Hot Folder:
Click on the Print/HotFolder, Hot Folders, Make New Hot Folder tab.:
Use the Path to Hot Folder pop-up list iteratively to select a repository. You can use the (New Folder) and Create Folder options if you need to add a new directory to the file system, and can always navigate backwards, if you need to, by clicking on links in the path name.
Use the Spool to print queue pop-up list to select a pre-established print queue. The queue you select determines the form the final output will take.
If you don’t see the choice you want, go back and add an output queue that is set up the way you want it to be. Refer to appropriate subsections of Adding printer queues to the server if you need help setting up a new output queue. Keep in mind that, by default, a Hot Folder will use the image-replacement options associated with the queue.
If you’re interested in setting up a (Custom processing) queue (the last choice in the pop-up list), Example: custom processing using the ex option (reading from a file argument) provides more information.
Type in a delay time, if desired, that the hotfd(1M) daemon should wait before processing files that go to the Hot Folder. This sets how quickly a file will be taken into the printing system. If the time is too short, some files may be submitted before they’re fully written. If the time is too long, it slows down printing.
[optional] If applicable for your site, engage the Do not set Invisible attribute on files before processing option. If you do, files will be invisible from the time the hotfd(1M) daemon notices them until the time they are deleted after complete processing. Files, however, which have not been noticed by hotfd(1M) will not be invisible, nor will any subfolders within the Hot Folder nor their contents be invisible (for example., Hot Folders are not recursive). This option is mainly for Hot Folders that kscp their files elsewhere. (See kats(1).)
[optional] If applicable, unengage the Strip out TIFF previews from EPS files before processing. By default, this option is on because it saves time and space processing print jobs. For most processing purposes, the preview is not needed.
Click on the Save button when you have finished or the Cancel button if you do not want to save the settings.
The Summary page will be displayed after a successful configuration.
[optional] After you finish setting up the Hot Folder, check whether that selected folder has already been “published” as volume, or, if you’ve created a new folder as you set up the Hot Folder, consider publishing it. Depending how the volume has been published, end-users can either mount the Hot Folder, then “drag and drop” files to print to it or upload to the Hot Folder using the built-in Xinet upload mechanism or specially configured Xinet Uploaders.
Deleting an input Hot Folder
To delete a Hot Folder:
Open the Hot Folders, Summary page.
Click on the delete icon (trash can) associated with a particular folder.