Administration Guide : General global administration options for output queues

General global administration options for output queues
There are several server-wide administration options you may want to set concerning such things as establishing how often printer accounting files get archived, and where all these administrative records should be kept.
Clicking on the Print/HotFolder, General Admin tab will open the dialog box.
You may use this page to establish the following:
Settings for printer accounting file rotation and archives

These options work in conjunction with the Save print job accounting information option in each print queue’s configuration. See Basic print queue options for details about turning on this option for a queue. You may choose the frequency that accounting data is archived, and specify the directory where accounting archives will be kept. By default, Xinet archives accounting files weekly, and will keep them in:
Unix systems: /var/adm/appletalk/acct_archive
Windows: C:\Program Files\Xinet\FulPress\Admin\acct_archive
You may, however, change the directory using the path links and the type-in box provided. If you specify an archiving period, you must also specify how many days the archives will be kept.Xinet requires that you keep them a minimum of 2-times the set period.

At the frequency specified, all printer accounting files will be combined and entries sorted by date. They are written to a file in the accounting archive directory with names that reflect the date. After merging, the printer account files are truncated.
By default, when the system uses lpr(1B), Xinet keeps that information in subdirectories of:
Unix systems: /var/spool
Windows: C:\Program Files\Xinet\FulPress\Admin\spool.
You may route the information to another location by using the pop-up Folders list or clicking on links in the displayed path (to navigate backwards).