Administration Guide : Xinet Logging : The Database log

The Database log
Xinet records errors encountered with database administration in files on the server:
The Logging, Database tab presents the contents of the venture.log file.
About the Display Log pop-up button:
When the syncvoltodb(8) process runs periodically, the venture.log rotates, with the venture.log becoming the venture.log.old. A new venture.log file will be created only when there is something to report to it; for example., a new log does not automatically get made.
It’s a good idea to check this log periodically, as any errors or problems will be reported here. For example, errors about corrupt database tables will be written to this file as well as feedback about other serious problems. For example, if you were to see this kind of entry in venture.log (or .old):
Tue Apr 15 08:30:09]//Error: Can't open file: 'file.MYD'. (errno: 145)
Use the steps described in Xinet TechNote 147: Repairing Venture MySQL Tables to check and repair the database. If you encounter problems you can’t fix yourself, Xinet Technical Support may ask to see the contents of the venture.log, or upon occasion ask that you search for something in it. The Download Log File icon will facilitate that process.