Administration Guide : Installing Xinet : Installing Xinet Pilot and Plug-ins on a Macintosh Client Machine

Installing Xinet Pilot and Plug-ins on a Macintosh Client Machine
The following instructions are for user installing Pilot for the first time on their local Macintosh computer running OS X. Once installed, the Pilot icon is displayed on the right of the menu bar on a OS X platform. To configure Pilot so it can access the correct Xinet server, users simply right-click on the icon, select Preferences, and specify the server URL.
IMPORTANT: Pilot is installed by default when installing the client software on your local system. In order to maintain an older Asset Browser site, the option to install Pilot must be disabled.
Macintosh: Installing Xinet Pilot on a Client Machine
To Install the Xinet Client using MacFiles on a mounted server:
On the Finder, click Go > Connect to Server.
For example, afp://
User name: macfiles
Password: (leave the password blank)
Copy Xinet Client.mpkg to your desktop and double-click to install.
Click Continue.
Review the Read Me information, to examine the software installed, and click Continue.
Review the Xinet End User Software License Agreement and click Continue.
Optional—To print a copy of the agreement, click Print
Optional—To save a copy of the agreement, click Save.
Optional—De-select the software components you do not want to install.
Click Continue.
Optional—Click Install Location to specify another destination to install the software.
Click Close.
Optional - Install the Xinet Contextual Menu (CM) plug-in for your browser.
If you are completing a first time install or have recently updated your browser, you are prompted with the following dialog box after the installation has completed. Click Continue to install both plug-ins.
/Library/Application Support/Xinet/Xinet Client First