Administration Guide : Working with Xinet Data Fields : Establishing Data Field Sets

Establishing Data Field Sets
The Database, Data Fields, New Field Set page allows you to more conveniently group Data Fields into groups or sets. Using these sets will save time when you’re building Templates or simply reviewing Data Fields. In the latter case, rather than viewing all the Data Fields on your system, you can look at those fields in particular sets.
Xinet ships with two Data Field Sets already established:
Standard Data Fields includes standard XMP fields automatically read in by Xinet. These fields start out locked—and, Xinet users are unable to change their values. However, at Xinet’s discretion, XMP fields can become editable.
Xinet-defined Data Fields include any XMP fields added by the Xinet administrator (including custom XMP fields).
You may also define your own Data Field Sets using the New Field Set interface.