Administration Guide : Troubleshooting the Xinet database : Problems with Office Web previews

Problems with Office Web previews
Under normal operation, officesync(8) will be called from fpod(1M) when fpod(1M) receives a build office preview packet. This happens when dblogd(8) judges that a file is new or has changed and thus, it needs to refresh the database. This can occur from a sync in any form (a volume has been enabled or disabled in the xinet Administration view, syncvoltodb(8), or listdir sync).
When running normally, all output from officesync(8) goes into /var/adm/appletalk/fpodq/vlog file, which you can also see in the Logging, Preview Generation, Syncing History page. When operating successfully, you should only see lines of the form:
[Timestamp]officesync:fileid xxx succeeded
Otherwise, all entries are errors.
Diagnosing what’s broken
Run /usr/etc/venture/officesync -D -isinstalled to check your installation. It should tell you what’s broken. Then, officesync -D -install should fix it or give you more information. If that fails, try officesync -D -uninstall and then, officesync -D -install before giving up. If still broken, look for additional messages in /var/adm/appletalk/fpodq/vlog or in the xinet Administration view, the Logging, Preview Generation, Syncing History page.
[OS X servers only] Due to a known bug in OpenOffice 3.x, a user must be logged into the OS X console before previews of Office files will be made. (You can learn more from at
If a specific file fails to get a Xinet Office preview:
First, look for error messages (defined below) corresponding to its fileid in /var/adm/appletalk/fpodq/vlog or in the xinet Administration view, the Logging, Preview Generation, Syncing History page. If there is no indication of an error, run officesync(8) in debug mode, either:
/usr/etc/venture/bin/officesync -D file_name
/usr/etc/venture/bin/officesync -D -fid fileid
You may get more information about what’s going on. If the PDF has been generated without errors, but pdfsync(8) malfunctions, examine that PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro or Reader for possible errors. To find the temporary PDF, use one of the following:
/usr/etc/venture/bin/officesync -K -keeptemp file_name
/usr/etc/venture/bin/officesync -K -keeptemp fid fileid
Each of these commands will display, at the end of its output, the name of the temporary file you want to examine.
Errors inside PDF generation
Failed to copy XXX to temp file YYY for input
Check that the file XXX exists and as well as the permissions for both XXX and YYY folders.
Error Opening Document(x) processing: XXX
Check permissions on the folders mentioned in the error message. If XXX looks something like o2pdfinput.AAA.BBB.CCC, it is a temporary file, used because the original names had special characters in them. In this case, AAA is the fileid or the file trying to be previewed. If XXX appears to be a normal name, check that the file is there and its permissions.
Error Reading Document(x) processing: XXX
This means that either the input document has been corrupted or is in a format that couldn’t open. Check the input file by opening it directly with Perhaps upgrading will help.
Error Saving PDF(x) processing: XXX tempfile YYY
Check permissions in the folder for YYY.