Administration Guide : Xinet Templates—the Templates Subtab : Summary of existing templates

Summary of existing templates
Clicking on the Database, Templates tab opens the Summary GUI Adding templateswhere you can find out information about existing templates. It also provides a shortcut to editing templates and to a quick way to delete them.
Figure 0-1
The Templates, Summary page
To find out information about any existing template:
Click Database > Templates to open the Summary page.
Select the template by name in the Templates pop-up list. The Data Fields contained in the template will be listed in the lower portion of the page. You may edit the template if you wish, by clicking on the Edit Template button. You may also delete templates, except the Classic one, by clicking on the Delete Template button.
Templates shipped with Xinet
Xinet ships with two templates:
The Classic template, the one template which can’t be deleted, allows you to preserve the classic Xinet interface for users, yet still use the database to record information within the Xinet file system. This template is completely empty of metadata search fields, so all metadata capabilities can be hidden from users.
The IPTC_NAA template contains the Data Fields that have been established by the IPTC/NAA standards (which are now subsumed within XMP standards). It is a good starting point for creating other templates, so many template builders will want to begin by copying its fields into a new template and then deleting fields they don’t need.