Administration Guide : Working with Xinet Data Fields : Xinet Data Fields Workflow Overview

Xinet Data Fields Workflow Overview
It is recommended to review the content of this chapter before editing existing data fields or creating custom data fields. The following proposed workflow outlines how to enable the display of these data fields for specified users in the client’s Filters tab.
To create users, see Administering Xinet Users.
To create user groups, see Xinet Groups.
To edit the pre-defined data fields, see Modifying or Editing Data Fields.
To add a custom data field, see Adding Data Fields.
Templates let you preset Data Fields in groups so you can assign each user to a particular template that contains a particular subset of Data Fields for that user to view and search through.
To create a template and assign your newly created Data Fields, see Adding templates.
Customize the way users see and interact with the information to which the templates provide access.
To create a permission set, see Adding new permission sets.
Once you’ve set up permission sets for templates, you’re ready to assign them to users or groups of users. Through permission sets, you can customize which fields users see and how they interact with them.
To assign the your template and permission set, see Assigning templates and permission sets to users.