Administration Guide : Configuring the Xinet server for Drag and Drop and Linked files : Dragging and dropping to InDesign documents

Dragging and dropping to InDesign documents
Exactly what happens when a user enables WebNative XT or Xinet Support ID and drags an image from a Web browser into a InDesign document depends on whether or not the user has direct access to the Xinet volume where Xinet service originates. Most customers will be using Xinet through remote access, that is, without the volume mounted on their desktops.
Without a Xinet volume mounted
Most commonly, Xinet Support ID users will not be working on the same network where the images are stored. They will use the web to download images, and will not be able to mount the parent volume directly from the server.
These users must already have permission to download FPOs. If they do, they may drag an image from a Xinet window to a InDesign picture box. Xinet Support ID will instruct the browser to download the fpo of that image. After downloading is complete, the InDesign plug-in will decompress the image, and place it into a folder called WebNative Downloads. This folder will appear in the default download folder for the browser. In addition, the InDesign plug-in will embed additional information about the fpo in the InDesign document so that when the user uploads the document to the Xinet server, the service provider can use Picture Wrangler to automatically relink the images that have been placed in it.
With a Xinet volume mounted
Users who can actually mount the volume where images reside may still choose to locate images and archives using Xinet browsing and searching features. Xinet Support ID works in a slightly different manner than described above when a user has the volume mounted. If the user drags an image from Xinet into a InDesign picture box when he or she has the corresponding volume mounted, Xinet Support ID will enable InDesign to automatically link to the fpo of the image on the mounted volume.
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