Administration Guide : Configuring the Xinet server for Drag and Drop and Linked files : Configuring Xinet Support ID on client systems

Configuring Xinet Support ID on client systems
Clients must install the Xinet Support ID plug-in in order to use InDesign. For Windows clients, go to the Adobe Add-ons store. Mac OS X client software is available on the MacFiles volume (the installer is called Xinet Client.mpkg). For installation details, see the Client Guide (Appendix B: InDesign Tips).
When a user who has installed Xinet Support ID saves a file, plug-in places a “slug” inside the document. Depending on the settings the user has established for the plug-in, the slug may contain two previews of each spread in the document (a thumbnail and a 72 dpi preview) and information about every image used in the file (name, directory ID, coordinates, etc.). The user controls which of these pieces, if any, will be saved by the Preferences he or she establishes within the application. These vary, depending whether the user is using InDesign.
Setting Preferences for Xinet Support ID (InDesign CS and later)
There are two ways in which to establish the behavior of Xinet Support ID:
When in conflict, file behavior rules. No matter what settings one uses for Xinet Support ID, Xinet Support ID will save extra image information when a user saves the file. That means that it will take the user a bit more time to save a documents when it is in use. If performance becomes an issue, one should use the InDesign>Configure Plug-Ins dialog to deactivate Xinet Support ID.
Setting Xinet Support ID defaults
Users set Xinet Support ID defaults using the InDesign>Preferences>WebNative pull-down menu. These settings will be used automatically when a user saves InDesign documents. Unless the user overrides these settings (see below), they determine the kind of extra information that will be saved in files. Most sites will want to establish the same WebNative Defaults on every workstation.
Here is what each option means:
Thumbnails Only
Xinet Support ID will insert thumbnail previews of spreads
Full Previews
Xinet Support ID will insert full-size 72 dpi previews of spreads
Drag and Drop
Determines whether images a user drags from a browser into InDesign documents will link to FPO or high-resolution images on the server. (The user must have the volume where the image reside mounted on his or her desktop and have appropriate permissions to download FPOs and/or high-resolution images before Drag and Drop will work.)
Use Document Settings
This option will establish as default settings the same settings used in a currently open InDesign document. If the user has more than one document open, it will use the settings from the document that is on the top. (This option is only available when a user has at least one InDesign document open.)
Xinet Support ID file settings
These settings, found in the Plug-Ins>WebNative dialog, establish what information Xinet Support ID includes on a file-by-file basis. They override Default Settings. They work in the same way as described above.