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RIPSOCK(8) manual page


ripsock - drive a PostScript rip via a TCP/IP socket


/usr/etc/appletalk/ripsock [ -D ] [ -h hostname ] [ -p port ] [ -s servicename ] [ -w waittime ]


The ripsock program accepts data from stdin and sends it to the specified TCP/IP socket. Its purpose is to send the output of a spooler to a RIP that accepts data that way without ever hitting disk. This filter is designed to be called from a "Custom" print queue. The flags are defined as follows:
specifies the host to send the job to. The default is the local host.
defines the name of the service (as specified in /etc/services) to be used. Defaults to "dps". If a port is specified, the service name is ignored.
defines the port number of the service.
supplies the time in seconds to wait after sending the data to the RIP for feedback from it. The default is 15.
turns on debugging about sending data.


If this file exists in the current directory, it will be updated with the current status.

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