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NBPREMOVE(8) manual page


nbpremove - unregister an entity name


nbpremove -O object -T type [ -Z zone ]


Nbpremove uses the AppleTalk Name Binding Protocol (NBP) to remove entity names that are registered with the local nbpd(8) . It is usually used to remove the name of a service that has exited irregularly (i.e., core dump). If the removal is successful, the pid of the process that registered the name is printed. If the -Z zone option is given, the removal will be for the specified AppleTalk zone; otherwise, the lookup will be in the local zone.

Return Value

Nbpremove returns the value of the nbp_remove call, which is either a negative error number or the pid of the process that registered the name.


Names table is locked, try later.
Another process has the names table locked.
Could not allocate space.
The nbp_remove call could not malloc space to store the names.
Duplicate entry found.
More than one entry of this type was found in the names table.
Entity not found in names table.
The entity is not in the local names table. If it appears in an atservers(1) listing, it is probably registered from a different host.



See Also

nbp(3) , nbpd(8) , atservers(1)