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MERGEOPTIONS(8) manual page


mergeOPTIONS - merge in PostScript options


/usr/etc/appletalk/mergeOPTIONS [ -D ] [ -n user ] [ -p printer ] [ ] [ -f outfile ] [ file ]


The mergeOPTIONS program accepts data from stdin (or a single optional file) and sends it to stdout. Its primary purpose is to merge queue or user-specific PostScript options into the postscript stream. In addition, in many types of printers, mergeOPTIONS is responsible for performing accounting and performance timing.
The flags are defined as follows:
.B -u
specifies the user who sent the job. This determines what printer-specific options are sent when the job originates on Unix.
.B -p
specifies the printer that is being used. This is a signal to mergeOPTIONS that it is the last program in the pipeline, and it should do accounting.
.B -f
specifies an output file that will be used instead of stdout. This argument is used to avoid an additional pipeline element on platforms where redirectioin of stdout is not efficecient. The output file is truncated if it exists.


queue specific PostScript that will be output with every file. Usually used to control things like film positive/negative, etc.
If there is an options file for the PAP spooler the job came in on, this will be placed in the file AFTER the OPTIONS.PS file. This can allow you to have two spoolers to the same queue that have different output options, for example, different screening selections.
setup for jobs that originate on Unix. Used to give Unix users control of options such as tray selection.
If a setup file for the user exists, it will be used in place of the normal SETUP.PPD.


The capitalization of this program's name cannot be explained to some folks who will not listen.