Administration Guide : Command-line manual pages

JGUI(8) manual page


jgui - Xinet GUI service for remote administration


/usr/etc/appletalk/jgui [ -D | -d hexdbg ] [ -p port ]


Jgui is an administration program for Xinet servers which speaks a proprietary protocol over a TCP/IP connection to a ``client'' application that handles user GUI interactions. Xinet also ships a JAVA application that implements the client side of this protocol. See the Xinet Administration Guide for details about running the JAVA client on a Macintosh.

The jgui program implements identical behaviour to xktalk(1) , except for not interacting with the user via the X Window System. It even uses the same X Resource Database files as xktalk(1) . See the xktalk(1) manual page for information about those resources.

With no -p argument, jgui prints a TCP port number on standard output, then waits up to 1 minute for a connection on that port from a client. If given a port number on the command line, jgui registers its IP address and port with NBP, then listens on that port number (if it is not taken) and continually accepts connections from clients, fork()ing a new GUI sessions for each.

There is minimal Protocol debugging provided through the -D and -d options. The -D option turns on all relevant debugging options. The following table lists the relevant bits in hexdbg and what they mean.

Hex bitThe debug item it enables
00000001Send messages to stderr (else /usr/adm/appletalk/at_log)
00000002Enable any logging at all
00000004Trace packets used for the TCP protocol
00000008Trace creation of sized GUI widgets
00000020Show GUI widget event callbacks
00008000Include the C-source file and line number in msgs
00010000Include the Process ID in msgs
00020000Include the date/time in debug messages

See Also

xktalk(1) and the Xinet Administration Guide