Administration Guide : Command-line manual pages

GETFPOINFO(1) manual page


getfpoinfo - Display information on FPO versions of an image.


getfpoinfo filename


The program getfpoinfo extracts the information about the FPO versions stored in the resource fork of image files. This information is generated by mkfpo(1) and is used by ksd(8) to provide low-resolution volumes. getfpoinfo is a debugging tool.

Exit Status

0    Success and the file has an FPO which is up to date

-3    FPO is out of date or missing

-4    This image does not require a FPO (vector EPS file with "no vector setting" or PDF file with "no PDF setting").

-5    FPO is in the wrong location (file has been moved)

Other exit values may exist.


getfpoinfo does not check to see if the file passed in exists or is an image, caller needs to do that by hand first.

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