Portal Administration Guide : Customize Xinet Portal : Adding an Uploader Distributor to a site

Adding an Uploader Distributor to a site
Xinet provides an Uploader Manager which allows administrators to pre-configure and distribute Uploaders to users who need to upload assets to the server. This, however, can be time consuming when many users require Uploaders with different settings. To solve this problem, Xinet Portal includes {DISTRIBUTOR_LINK} tag family, that when used in a site, makes it possible for users with proper permissions to download their own Uploaders on-the-fly.
While you can implement this with other variations, Figure  shows what the end user sees when the Uploader Distributor has been enabled in an Exhibit site tool bar.
To use Uploader Distributors, you must add your Xinet Portal server as a Managed Server within the Uploader Manager and set up a Default Uploader. The Default Uploader contains the constraints that will be used when Xinet Portal distributes Uploaders.
When configuring the Default Uploader, the administrator defines a Username/Password, the location to which uploads are allowed, and a variety of other settings (e-mail notification, proxy e-mail servers, etc.). When a Xinet Portal user requests an Uploader, the Xinet Portal server will generate a new Uploader application which the user can download. The Uploader application will contain most of the Default Uploader configuration settings (e-mail notification, etc.). The Username/Password in the Default Uploader configuration, however, will always be replaced by the Username/Password for the user who requested the Uploader. The location to which uploads are allowed depends on the template where you place the {DISTRIBUTOR_LINK} tag family.
Templates come in two varieties: those that are “working-directory-aware” and those that are not. For instance, the Browse, Search, and tool bar templates know which directory the user is working within. The Toplevel and Collection templates do not. When a user downloads an Uploader from a place on the site without a working directory, for example, from Toplevel or from inside a Collection, the Uploader will place files in the directory specified in the Default Uploader; if , however, a user downloads an Uploader from a location with a working directory, for example while browsing or searching, then that directory overwrites the upload location in the Default Uploader.