Portal Administration Guide : Xinet Portal Themes : Presenting tags in a template

Presenting tags in a template
This section examines the way variable data and Xinet Portal tags appear in a template, using the file_table_short.tmpl.html template from an Exhibit site as a reference. This particular template displays files when using Short View.
FIGURE 5. The file_table_short.tmpl.html template
You can probably see from the screen captures above how easy it will be to build customized sites using Xinet Portal. Something as simple as moving tags and inserting images can provide dramatic results. Customize Xinet Portal provides more details about easy customizing.
Each Xinet Portal template contains sets of tags. The table below shows the variable data tags used in the file_table_short.tmpl.html template:
All LANG_ tags refer to language style files on the Xinet server. You may edit the strings t. You may suppress those shown as tool tips using the Tool tips on mouse over option (TOOL_TIPS) described in Portal Configuration: Display Options (2), Toggles.
Displays the Small Preview and when clicked opens either the Large Preview or Image Info, depending on configuration
Changes output of {SPAGE} tag so all pages within the results of a Search will be listed. Clicking on any page will display it.