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Release Notes Xinet 19.0.2
Product: Xinet
Resolved Issues
This fix release provides various fixes on the Xinet 19.0.1 release. The full list of specific additions and bug fixes that are included in this release are detailed below.
Known Issues
See previous versions for lists of known issues.
Installation Instructions
Xinet 19 ships with a new version of Solr (Solr 6.2.1) to improve stability and performance. This new version requires your Solr search index to be reindexed, and to ensure this happens the Xinet19 installer automatically deletes the old Solr index, which would no longer be functional due to incompatibilities in data formats between Solr versions. You will need to reindex your Solr index database. This may take some time to complete, depending on the size of your Xinet environment. Please be aware that Java 1.8 is required to run Solr 6.2.1. If you are not already running Java 1.8, we recommend upgrading to this version prior to the Xinet installation.
Set Up File Sharing
SMB file sharing will automatically be installed with the Xinet installers for the Linux platform as long as the appropriate samba packages are installed and up to date.
Prior to installing Xinet, run:
# yum install samba
To enable SMB access for new Xinet users:
To enable SMB access for existing Xinet users:
Where to find Xinet Installers
Xinet installers are available online. Visit www.northplains.com and click Xinet Portal at the top of the page to locate the appropriate installer for your platform.
For full details on how to install the Xinet server and client, see in our Xinet Administration Guide. For full details on installing the Video Module for Xinet, see Installing the Xinet Video Module in our Xinet Administration Guide.