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Release Notes Xinet 19.0.1
Release Date: February 8, 2017
What’s New for 19.0.1
This fix release provides various enhancements on the Xinet 19.0 release:
Fixed an issue with Xinet SMB, so that users can now log in to Xinet via SMB2 after January 10th
In the Xinet 19.0 release, we didn't turn off the Beta expiration feature for Linux 7 distributions. We released a fix immediately and made it available in the Download section on our website. This fix is incorporated into this release.
Xinet-CM browser extension for Safari 10 is now a Safari App extension
We converted the Xinet Contextual menu Browser extension for Safari from a Javascript Extension to a Safari App Extension. This means that users are no longer prompted with a security alert. Safari App Extensions are supported for Safari 10 on Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan and higher.
Increased the maximum index length for path tables from 768 to 3000 characters for InnoDB databases
We changed the maximum index length for the path, activepath and filerename tables for InnoDB to 3000 characters. The default InnoDB table format was limited to 767, less than the MyISAM limit of 1000. This change prevents problems that were occurring because of this limit mismatch.
Implemented a pre-locked mode for Asset Timer
We re-implemented a pre-locked mode for the Asset Timer into our Marquee site. If it is configured, users will be warned if an asset is about to expire and the Asset Timer icon will show as an unlocked lock. The number of days is configurable in the site settings.
Added support for RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.3 and CentOS 7.3
Version 7.3 of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)/CentOS operating system is now supported for Xinet Server 19.0.1 and Xinet Portal 19.0.1. Linux 7.3 includes Samba version 4.4.x. We have updated our SMB2 support to work with this samba version.
Documentation Updates
The Xinet Release Notes are unique for each Xinet release because they describe the resolved, limitations, and known issues for that release. This update replaces the previous version of this document.
We are working on the latest Online Help for Xinet. Online Help for Xinet in available at http://docs.xinet.com/. This site provides Xinet documentation in a fully searchable, browsable, online format – helping you to quickly and easily answer your questions about installing, setting up, and using the product. Please submit your feedback to the following email address: xinetdocs@northplains.com.
Resolved Issues
The full list of specific additions and bug fixes that are included in this release are detailed below.
Known Issues
The full list of known issues that are included in this release is detailed below.
Portal Marquee UI: Though a folder is highlighted in grey when you hover over it, you must click on the name of the folder to browse to it.
Portal Marquee UI: Restore linked file preview highlighting.
Pilot: Add the ability for users to set their own download preferences.
Installation: When upgrading to version 18.1 or above, Pilot preferences are overwritten.
Pilot users must re-enter the Xinet Pilot URL by typing the IP address or
Portal Marquee UI: ATrequest and AFR are incomplete. Styling missing and external links are broken. The link inside the atrequest_email.tmpl.html template can be adjusted by using our external link syntax, like this:
PictureWrangler ID for Adobe InDesign CS6 requires AFP mounts and does not work over SMB.
To support Firefox 45.2 ESR on Mac OS X: To enable Support Contextual Menu Plugins and Add-ons on this version:

1. Type or paste "about:config" in the address bar and press Enter or Return.
2. Click the button promising to be careful.
3. In the search box above the list, search for: {{xpinstall.signature}}
4. If the xpinstall.signatures.required preference is bolded and the user set to true, double-click it to switch it to false.
Portal Marquee UI: Long file names without any place to break exceed space in File Manager windows and File Manager Tooltips.
Portal Marquee UI: Custom Image Order does not return to the Details view.
Portal Marquee UI: Annotations: Confirmation required when users leaves page if non-saved annotations are not applied.
Portal UI: Advanced Search Engine cannot load saved "File/Folder is" searches.
Workaround: Open the Administration view and save the Portal Site settings in the Portal tab.
Installation Instructions
Xinet 19 ships with a new version of Solr (Solr 6.2.1) to improve stability and performance. This new version requires your Solr search index to be reindexed, and to ensure this happens the Xinet19 installer automatically deletes the old Solr index, which would no longer be functional due to incompatibilities in data formats between Solr versions. You will need to reindex your Solr index database. This may take some time to complete, depending on the size of your Xinet environment. Please be aware that Java 1.8 is required to run Solr 6.2.1. If you are not already running Java 1.8, we recommend upgrading to this version prior to the Xinet installation.
Set Up File Sharing
SMB file sharing will automatically be installed with the Xinet installers for the Linux platform as long as the appropriate samba packages are installed and up to date.
Prior to installing Xinet, run:
# yum install samba
To enable SMB access:
For new Xinet users:
For existing Xinet users:
Where to find Xinet Installers
Xinet installers are available online. Visit www.northplains.com and click Xinet Portal at the top of the page to locate the appropriate installer for your platform.
For full details on how to install the Xinet server and client, see Installing Xinet in our Xinet Administration Guide. For full details on installing the Video Module for Xinet, see Installing the Xinet Video Module in our Xinet Administration Guide.